PPoSh Meetup 16 - Back to School

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After some time - 6 months in fact - we were finally able to meet again.

At first we had to postpone PPoSh Meetups because of various personal matters. Then I was attending PSConfEU and had to prepare my talks there. Then Summer Break. But…
At the PSConfEU both Bartek Bielawski and Jakub Jareš asked me if I’m planning any Meetups.
Well, you can’t say no to this :smile:.

Again, thanks to Obejctivity we were able to meet and - suprise, surprise - talk about Pester all day long.
We also hosted MS Teams meeting and live streamed to YouTube. You can find us here.

Introduction to Pester

Jakub started with Introduction to Pester.


Although I’m using Pester in Infra tests for a few years now, using it as Unit Test Framework (the reason it was founded) is still in my backlog. As this was closer to a workshop (we tried to solve Jakub’s riddles together) I feel I’m armed with necessary skills now :smile:.

Jakub also seemed happy with us:


Here is Jakub’s talk recording

Pester against sloppiness

Then, after a short break for pizza - as it was nearly 19.00 - Bartek took the stage.


We saw Pester in Action. He shared with us his Pester Tests that he and his team are using to enforce common rules in writing PowerShell functions. As this code base started few years back it is quite large!

Bartek promised to share it also on our GitHub! :smile:

I the meantime you can watch his talk here.

The Evening

After over 3 hours we were ready to go for a beer and have even more conversations there.
Bartek, Jakub and his wife had a nice trip they were not expecting. I present you Ford Mustang - PowerShell - Piotr Banas Beauty Beast!


Bartek and Jakub - Thank You - it was a really awesome time having you here, in Wroclaw!

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