That's me

Becoming an “IT Guy”

Centennial Hall

I have started in Centennial Hall in Wroclaw in 2007. I was on my last year of studies. I wore a hat of a 1st line HelpDesk, 2nd line Admin and at the same time a 3rd line Architect of new solutions. Sometimes also a Magician with rabbits when necessary. I’ve learnt a ton then - installed my first Windows 2003 (32 bit) but also planned, deployed and maintained a LAN/WLAN/TV transmission for EuroBasket 2009 Championship.

This was my first real job. The most important thing I’ve learnt was to keep asking and never stop learning!

Over the years I was resposnsible for Windows domains, Exchange and postfix servers, Sharepoint and WSUS, VMWare and Hyper-V, Cisco, Mikrotik and Unifi. My clients range from Law firms to Healthcare.

Back in 2009 I’ve discovered PowerShell and this is my true Love ever since.

Now, more than ever, in a world full of Azure, Microsoft 365, S2D Clusters, Hyper-V and always-lack-of-time - automation (small or big) is always welcome.

My Journey so far has been very exciting

Gladly, times of ever growing scripts copied over and over are gone. With GIT and CI/CD even us - admins - can benefit in tasks we’re struggling every day - maintenance, documentation, repetitive actions.

I’m lazy, and I hate doing the same thing more than twice.

I keep discovering, learning and re-learning every day. I’d like to share my journey with You.

This blog is also a kind of a notebook for me.

Something written down is better memorized.


If you’d like to find any of my scripts – they’re here

Feel free to download, reuse or contribute!