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This is going to be a 5 part blog series.


What are these, why may I need it and how to configure it - in the context of Virtual Machine resources?

By default settings for all high available Hyper-V VMs are:

There are three advanced failover policies I can set up for my VMs. Let’s assume I have 4 nodes (Node1-4):

Possible owners is the 'hard set'. It will restrain VM from running on any other node. To configure this, VM has to be on one of 'possible owner' list first. I cannot set this to Node3 and Node4 if VM is on Node1 or Node2.

Let’s try to configure these options with GUI first.


  1. Preferred Owners
    • Right clik on any VM and select Properties then I can check which nodes are considered ‘Preferred’ GUI1

    • On the Failover tab I can set fallback policies GUI2

  2. Possible owners

    • Select VM, on the Resources tab on the bottom right click on the Virtual Machine Name, select Properties: GUI3

    • On the Advanced Policies tab select which nodes are Possible. By default all are selected: GUI4

  3. Anti-Affinity Groups
    • There’s no way to set it up through GUI! :D


Let me give a few examples in which scenarios this can be usefull:

Stay tuned for next parts coming soon: