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A quicky

Hyper-V clustered hosts. Storage of some VMs migrated from one host to another. On rare occasions migration failed. Reason is now irrelevant. But after this - there are some empty folders left on Clustered Shared Volumes:

├───Planned Virtual Machines
├───Virtual Hard Disks
 └───Virtual Machines

There are also other situation where there are bunch of empty folders left (testing, installations, migrations etc).

I was looking for a neat solution and found this post by Jeffery Hicks - Link.

After a few minutes I’ve got a working function that:

  1. Can query local system
  2. Can query remote system (using Invoke-Command)
  3. Can use Credential parameter for remote sessions
  4. And thanks to the above - works also from PS Core:)

Here’s the code:

And here’s the output:

  • Local run:

local run

local run

  • Remote run with credential parameter

remote run

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