Retrieve BitLocker keys shortcuts

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Some time ago I’ve posted how to set AD environment for BitLocker and retrieve keys from AD. I’ve missed one spot though. For that to work you had to be:

  1. AD User
  2. Member of local adminstrators on your machine.

I’ve updated that post with proper information how to fix that - delegate proper permission to SELF object.

Some Goodies

Today I’d like to share some quick-dirty scripts to automate even more:

Backup ALL

If you’d like to backup BitLocker key to both AD and AzureAD at the same time, here’s a sample script. Just select only machines you need in the Out-GridView

Remember to Invoke (and retrieve BitLocker) to remote machine you require administrative permissions (or JEA with proper configuration)!

$ComputerName =  Get-ADComputer -filter {OperatingSystem -like '*Windows*'} | Out-GridView -PassThru
Invoke-command -ComputerName $ComputerName -ScriptBlock {
  $bitLockerVolume = Get-BitlockerVolume
  foreach ($Blv in $bitLockerVolume) {
    $keyProtectors = $blv.KeyProtector | Where-Object {$PSItem.KeyProtectorType -eq 'RecoveryPassword'}
    if ($KeyProtectors) {
      Write-Host "MountPoint {'$($blv.MountPoint)'} - KeyProtector {'$($keyProtectors.KeyProtectorID)'}"
      Write-Host "    Backing up to AD"
      Backup-BitLockerKeyProtector -MountPoint $blv.MountPoint -KeyProtectorId $keyProtectors.KeyProtectorID
      Write-Host "    Backing up to Azure AD"
      BackupToAAD-BitLockerKeyProtector -MountPoint $blv.MountPoint -KeyProtectorId $keyProtectors.KeyProtectorID


And if You’d like to get all computers from AD with (and without) BitLocker information here’s another one:

Remember the account you’re running HAS to have proper AD permissions!

$computers = Get-ADcomputer -filter {OperatingSystem -like '*Windows*'} -Properties OperatingSystem,LastLogon

$results = foreach ($computer in $computers) {
    $ComputerName = $computer
    $DNComputer = Get-ADComputer $computerName | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DistinguishedName
    $obj = Get-ADObject -Filter {objectclass -eq 'msFVE-RecoveryInformation'} -SearchBase $DNComputer -Properties 'msFVE-RecoveryPassword' | Select-Object Name,msFVE-RecoveryPassword
    if ($obj) {
        ComputerName = $ComputerName
        RecoveryPassword = $obj.'msFVE-RecoveryPassword'
        Date = Get-Date -Date ($obj.Name ).Split('{')[0]
        KeyID = (($obj.Name ).Split('{')[1]).TrimEnd('}')
        LastLogon = [datetime]::FromFileTime($computer.LastLogon)
    else {
        ComputerName = $ComputerName
        RecoveryPassword = $null
        Date = $Null
        KeyID = $null
        LastLogon = [datetime]::FromFileTime($computer.LastLogon)

Now you can easily spot which computers are missing BitLocker keys stored in AD:

$empty = $results | where-object  {$null -eq $PSItem.RecoveryPassword }

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