Active Directory Health Checklist

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During latest PSConfEU I’ve had an awesome experience.

Amongst other things I talked with Friedrich Weinmann and Przemyslaw Klys about checks. Active Directory checks specificaly.

Each of us is working on a different approach to check Active Directory.
There are also other solutios out there that check and monitor Active Directory for a green state. Those are either blackbox solutions (like purchased software - think SCOM) or self-crafted (like nagios/zabbix monitoring and Grafana dashboards).

This also includes PowerShell modules (like mine pChecksAD) that do the same. Each in a different way. The problem we saw is that each environment is different and each of those solution monitor a set of features. If I see a great check in someones solution - I want to add it to my module as well :smile: There are also Microsoft Docs with very detailed description of all services and dependancies for AD and DCs as well.

A Check List

And so I’ve decided to create a repository with simple lists in different topics with RAW checks - independent of final solution one could use.

Currently there are 3 areas - Configuration, Operational and Security with checks split into General (overall service) and per Node (per Domain Controller) checks.

Take a look and let me know what else should I add - or better - create a Pull Request with necessary information!

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