Time is a constraint

I haven’t posted anything recently, mainly due to too many things happening.
In 2019 I’ve been to 2 conferences and 7 meetups as a speaker.
I’ve presented some of my recent work at THE GREATEST conference - PSConf 2019 and Best Spent Day with PowerShell at PSDayUK.
If you’re interested, all my slides and code are available on GitHub.

I’ve also had the pleasure to write a chapter for PSConfBook volume 2.
Well, now I can say it was a pleasure, but when I was writing it… Let’s just say it is a brand new experience in my Spell Book. :satisfied:

I wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to my GitHub repositories as I would like to :disappointed:

End of the year is always hectic - especially if your daughter has Birthday during the Christmas Eve and … both of your kids got some flu and are sick for nearly two months now. :sob:

Anyway - I plan to get back to more frequent blogging - a lot of drafts awaits - and coding!

The Great Fear News

There was an email from a specific FROM: I was afraid to receive. The MVP Global Administrator. It cameon on Saturday and it began with:


I’m thrilled and humbled to join the ranks of so many great people!

It’s still a distant thought - like it has happened to someone else!

Thank-You Part

I would like to thank all those who helped me be where I am now.

The biggest :heart: goes to my familly for neverending support.

Then to all my friends that are with me in this journey!

Last but not least - to all bloggers - I’ve learnt so much from you since my journey began that my only choice was to give it back!

The first kick came after I met Jeffrey Snover in 2016 during first PSConf and then again in 2017 at the very same conference!
PPoSh was founded and grounded then and the fun-ride began!

When I was preparing my first two talks for PSConf 2018, my son (8-year-old back then) approached me and asked - Daddy, what do you get from this? Are you being paid?

I smiled and instantly answered - ‘No, I get nothing for this’. And before I was able to add anything else another question came So why do you do this?

Then I paused for a second and replied

‘I’ve put it wrong. I’m not being paid, but I get a LOT. I get to know fantastic, open minded and always willing to help people. I can learn from THEM. People I follow, read everyday and learn from ‘remotely’. I can meet them in person! Yea, the cost is that I’m petrified for 2 hours (2 talks!) but it’s not much comparing to the benefit of it.’

Then I asked him what would he do, if someone would help him with his homework. He replied he would help them too.

‘So this is why I do this’ I’ve added. ‘I cannot help THOSE people as they are far away and know more than I do, but I can help others. Help them and share what I already know’.

Don Jones describes it best in Be The Master!

And so, with this year coming I plan to do the same!

We’re running PPoSh Meetups monthly - probably visiting more cities in Poland. I’m going to more SysOps Devops meetups as well.

I’m honored to join PS Conf EU 2020 speaker ranks once again!

And it is just the first half of 2020!


I still cannot belive this :grin: