What a day!

This year I had the chance to come to Birmingham for a day full of PowerShell.
And what a day it was!
Daniel Krebs along with his team made a great effort to create an event to remember.
There were three tracks with 5 sessions each having a unique topic and personal experience of the presenter. We also had time for networking in between the sessions - which is the most important part of these events!

Being a one-day event makes it very exhausting as most of people arrive and leave at the same day.
Yet I had the opportunity to meet my ‘old friends’ and make new ones!

Thank you all

Thank you

Slides and code

As you can see there were quite a few of us there!

I talked about Pester and Azure Log Analytics - similar to my PS Conf EU talk.

How to manage and run Pester tests on-premises and use Azure Log Analytics and PowerBI to consume the results. The hidden gem here is that you get a documented AD environment in json files so you can easily store it in git!
And it’s all easy to set it up by yourself thanks to pChecksAD PowerShell Module! From Zero to Full Deployment in minutes!

If you’re interested in slides and code they are on my GitHub.

You can also find there code and slides from my other talks.