My recent projects are build around using Azure Log Analytics for storing operational or final results.
This includes WEFTools or pChecksAD as well as some internal projects.

If you haven’t tried storing logs in always-on, always available, very affordable Azure Logs solution - I highly recommend you try it!

Because of this I decided to put Microsoft examples into a usable micro-module.

As it is available on GitHub and PowerShell Gallery you can also use it.


What are some usage examples? Currently we’re using Azure Log to:

If you’d like to see some PowerShell usage example - here’s the link of two mentioned repos:


Why wrapping those three functions into a micromodule? This way I don’t have to copy-paste the same three functions into each module or computer that needs to use this. Also I’m have CI/CD set up so I’m more confident in building this that manual copy paste. Kevin Marquette has a great explanation of What is a micro module.